Best 8 Reality Virtual Games Forever Like Second Life

Best 8 Reality Virtual Games Forever Like Second Life

Are You Looking for the Best Virtual Games Like Second Life? Second Life game is the most popular and fastest-growing online game in the world. Here we have listed the best top Alternatives Games to Second Life in 2020.

The second life game is an online Virtual World video game. The game was developed and owned by Linden Lab who is from San Francisco. This game was launched in 2003 and by the year 2013, the game has got a million of a regular user. And now, the users of this game are more than 9Million.

Second Life is a multi-player game that entertains you with its Virtual World. This game is for teens of above 16 years who can play and enjoy the game. All the players of the game can create their own virtual avatar. Linden Dollar is the currency used in the game which you can get from the real money. To get better experience it has a 3D platform. If you are bored with this game and want a new game then you are in the right place. Here we will see similar games like Second Life, which you can enjoy. So, check out the list of Games Like Second Life.

Best Virtual Alternative Games Like Second Life

Here we have brought a list of popular games/ best virtual games like Second Life. You will definitely love these games and will enjoy playing it. Check out the list of best virtual games like Second Life.

1. Inworldz

One of the fast best virtual alternatives game like the Second Life game is the Inworldz game. This game has everything that a virtual world game should have, so all the players enjoy the game and its activities. In the game, you can set your avatar and can also customize it then you can meet new players from the world. It depends on you if you want to meet new people you can or else you can just explore different areas. Once you get the game you will get the options like easy upload, better zooming, and much more. You can also buy land which is different from the private region.

One can play this game on Windows, Linux, Mac.

2. Planet Calypso

Travel through the whole planet on different levels like explorers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Planet Calypso is 2nd best virtual game just like Second Life. In the Second life game, the players used to trade and then invest in crafts. If you want then you can just spend time in adventuring in the Planet Calypso game. The players will get a chance to earn, deposit, make business, make new friends, and will have so much fun.


3. GoJiyo

GoJiyo is a beautiful game world and is the best alternative to Second Life. The graphics of the game is so good and it makes you visit the game more. Once you play this game, you will definitely love to play repeatedly. Before starting the game, the player gets an avatar then meet new people and travel at new places. There are areas like vintage towns, modern cities, and other things. You can also make new friends and chat with them. There are tasks or quests which you need to finish.

GoJiyo is a Browser Game.


4. IMVU (Instant Messaging Virtual Universe)

IMVU( Instant Messaging Virtual Universe) game can be easily installed on Android, iOS, Mac, Browser, Windows. The players can build a relationship with others and can chat with them. In the game, there are lands where you can travel and chat with other peoples in the group. You can also create a 3D avatar and can customize also.

The game takes you to the different worlds of IMVU. In the game, the members meet each other who are based on the lands they travel. All the players can go to different areas, can participate in chatting and can perform things like a flying kiss, tight hug, and so much more exciting things. One can send a request to add players as your friend.

Platform: Android, iOS, Mac, Browser, Windows


5. Smeet

Smeet game has a great virtual world where you meet new people. In the game, there are 3D graphics and is the best one. The game was launched in 2007 and it has got so many new things to get millions of players from the world. There are multiple languages available to play the Smeet game. You need to create an account to play the game. According to the details entered it brings people together with similar interests. The player can continue their game by chatting with others or by getting in the mini-games. This is a browser-based game that has all the social features. And this game is similar to the Second Life game.


6. Twinity

Twinity is another best game which allows you to visit a few beautiful lands. Everything exists in the 3D graphic in the game. You can enter cities like London, New York, Singapore, etc in the game. The game starts as you create your avatar called Twinizens. Then you go forward to see the beautiful areas and the people who are roaming around. Chat with other players and make relationships. One can also upload their photo so your Avatar looks like a cartoon.


7. Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel game is loved mostly by all teenagers. In the game, the user can create their Habbo character. You can meet new friends, build and design new hotels, do parties, and can also have virtual pets. In the game create a public room where every member can come. And the player can create a guest room with al the wallpapers and can also design floors. Get money to create all these things from the credits.


8. Roblox

Roblox game is a multiplayer game similar to the Second Life game. One needs to create their own games and can explore and enjoy playing the games which other community created. With the help of the Roblox game, we can connect with different people. One can get the experience of the other users’ creativity.



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  1. I lv second life game, there are similar games that you suggested. Great collection.

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