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At Guiding Tech, we explain News, Gadgets, ‘How To‘ All About Knowledge, All About ‘Movies‘, and Teach technology, Entertainment, Updates and more.We are doing best for our visitor to make better knowledge, Latest Trick and once they’ve purchased a gadget, we teach them how to use it like a pro. Here is what you will find on HalfVids: 98% all about latest gadgets, news, movie, ‘how to‘ trick, all about updates, Entertainment & live your passion; the other 2% is for personal stories.Basic & advanced How to tick marketing techniques.Latest News all about technology.Latest Movies review, story, collection, and more interesting thing.Newest Gadgets like mobile, laptop, camera, tv and more.

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About me
About me

Ritwik Mondal

I am the fountainhead of HalfVids. I started blogging out of my passions for learning & sharing. In 20015, I got to know about blogging & within a month, I was live with my first blog. HalfVids is a website that provides you authentic information about Latest News, Gadgets, Latest Trick And Tips, Movie updates, and more.
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