Untold Story Of Ranu Mondal | Singer Ranu Mandal Biography

Untold Story Of Ranu Mondal | Singer Ranu Mandal Biography

Ranu Maria Mondal was born on 5th November 1960, she is an Indian singer who is at started working in Bollywood. She was found by a bystander a railroad station and her singing video was transferred by that individual which became famous online across different stages. Hence, she was welcome to the singing unscripted TV drama, Superstar Singer where Himesh Reshammiya offered for her to sing for his film Happy Hardy and Heer, helping her authoritatively make debut as an artist.

Ranu Mondal Early life

Ranu Mondal got married to the late Babul when she was just 19 years old. Swati is her daughter, who had left her for ten years. She lives in Ranaghat, Nadia.

Ranu Mondal comprises a viral singer who needs to have heard their song “Teri Meri Kahani” now we receive Ranu Mondal Biography also heir complete information. Whenever such kind as the artist is viral, thou all have the desire to recognize it. That’s why we have brought you the right and complete information about Renu Mandal, a new artist who is coming to Bollywood now.

Ranu Mandal Today, each youth knows them and their songs are lukewarm. Just a few days ago, the song “Apna Time Aayega“, for a song, fits perfectly for Ranu Mandal. To read a full article today we will give you complete information about Ranu Mandal.

Basic Information Of Ranu Mandal.

Real Name Renu Ray (Renu Mondal)
Husband Babulal Mondal
Hometown Ranaghat (West Bengal)
Date Of Birth 10 October 1959
Age 59 Year
Cast Mahishya
Religion Christianity
Occupation Singer
Notable work Happy Hardy and Heer

Ranu Mondal was born on 5 November 1959 in Krishnanagar, Nadia However he spent his childhood in Ranaghat West Bengal so many Confusions about his birthplace. Lata Mangeshkar is her favorite singer.

Ranu Mondal Career

Before being viral via web-based networking media, she used to ask by singing at Ranaghat Junction. Atindra Chakraborty, a bystander at the station, recorded her singing Lata Mangeshkar’s old song Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai, and shared her video on long range interpersonal communication sites. The video increased a lot of notoriety and gratefulness, and she was then welcome to the singing reality show Superstar Singer. Arranger and artist turned actor Himesh Reshammiya (one of the judges of the show), was dazzled with her voice and quickly offered her to record a tune for his up and coming film Happy Hardy and Heer, prompting beginning her singing vocation in 2019. It is additionally revealed that she will perform a Durga Puja theme tune for a Kolkata based club.

Ranu Mondal Life Before Viral on Social Media.

Most maximum people would know about Ranu Mondal that she used to live by singing at the railway station and pressing for misfortune. In any case, that circumstance of hers was not constantly like this when Ranu Mandal was 20 years of age, she used to sing in the club yet her family didn’t care for it, so she needed to leave, after the demise of her significant other, she needed to confront numerous issues. In that basic circumstance, Ranu Mandal’s girl additionally left Ranu Mondal. Be that as it may, presently when Ranu Mondal’s fate changed, just one of his melodies made him a star medium-term, presently everybody is disclosing to him a relationship.

Success Story and Who Help Her?

Now, Himesh Reshammiya is a popular singer behind this success of whoever is Ranu Mondal as well as a software engineer whose name is Atindra Chakraborty.

After the death of her husband, Ranu Mondal lived through singing songs of Lata Mangeshkar by Ranaghat railway station. One day when Atindra Chakraborty reached through that railway station, Atinder was very attracted through the voice of Ranu Mondal including Atinder made a video of Ranu Mondal and shared that on social media in which she went to sing Lata Mangeshkar’s “Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai” which is very viral on social media.

Ranu Mandal’s new song goes viral on the internet

Ranu Mondal rose to fame by singing Lata Mangeshkar’s popular 1972 track ‘Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai’ from ‘Shor’ in her soulful voice. Those days, like Bollywood stars, Ranu Mondal has too started living in the discussions and his name is more constantly in the headlines. During the past, her song ‘Teri Meri Kahani’ went viral on social media as quickly as it was published and presently another song has come in front of her. Yes, previously the audience is very fond of his 1st songs also now his second song has appeared out, whose video is going viral on social media.

By the way, by listening to the song ‘Ek Radha and Ek Meera’ in the voice of Ranu Mondal, we are sure that you will begin to swing happily. Through the way, you would know that due to a viral video of her, Ranu Mandal has become famous all over the country including Himesh Reshammiya gave her an opportunity to sing after which she has now become a star. At the same time, Ranu’s first song ‘Teri Meri Kahani’ was released and on the occasion of launching Himesh Reshammiya held a press conference where Ranu made many revelations.

Ranu Mondal makes a shocking revelation about her past connection with Bollywood

“We had a house however you know you need people to maintain it. There were so many days of loneliness. I struggled a lot but always believed in God. I used to sing according to situations.

Expressing her wish for buying a house in Mumbai, Ranu concluded by saying, “I am very happy and feeling great. I have already recorded five to six songs.

The thing is, music offices in Mumbai mean a great deal to me. They are significant. To drive to and from my home to Mumbai on a plane is additionally troublesome. It would have been acceptable had there been a house in Mumbai. However, I don’t need to consider it. God is there.”

Eminently, Ranu’s viral video was seen by music author vocalist Himesh Reshammiya as he recorded two melodies – ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’ and ‘Aadat’ for his film, Happy Hardy and Heer.

Ranu Mandal’s Fee for the song “Teri Meri Kahaani”

Ranu Mondal’s melody which is being heard wherever today, everybody needs to know the amount Ranu Mondal more likely than not taken to sing this tune. Himesh Reshammiya offered him 6-7 lakhs to sing “Teri Meri Kahani” yet Ranu Mondal wouldn’t take such a lot of cash yet at the same time Himesh Reshammiya gave her cash and said that nothing can prevent you from turning into a whiz in Bollywood.

Ranu Mandal has earned a great deal of cash by singing a tune, you can likewise gain it by perusing the article given underneath.

Salman Khan gifting Ranu Mondal house worth Rs 55 lakh, offering Dabangg 3 song

At the point when somebody picks up the distinction, bits of gossip likewise spread to him. A bit of news has been becoming famous online for a couple of days that celebrated on-screen character Salman Khan gave house and cash to Ranu Mondal. We might want to reveal to you that positively, this is phony news, don’t accept such news.

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