Walk wing have you heard dreamed of walking much faster than normal or being able to move at a great speed when you’re walking down the street or going late walk wing is an amazing invention that offers these opportunities pay attention to the open look with lots of straps all you have to do to use the walk wing is put your feet with your shoes inside while creating this unusual device the developers thought a lot about how to create advanced but comfortable products the result is a device with retractable wheels this means that even if you’re wearing the walk when you don’t have to skate the switch between walking and skating is made with the single movements of the hand by the way it only takes a few seconds to install the products you can buy walking for a minimum price of $90 Phung shell we could talk for a long time about the benefits of backpacks for a long time it was thought that the traditional design of backpacks simply couldn’t be better but the fun shell backpack is here to prove the opposite it’s not hard to guess its key feature it’s a foldable cover

However to use it you’ll have to wait for a rainy or very sunny day it opens in seconds and you don’t even have to take off the backpack another feature is hidden in the back part at the push of a small button a powerful fan starts working it should be noted that despite the extended functionality this backpack perfectly fulfills his main tasks storing and transporting things the change is hardly affected the capacity the manufacturer offers several models at a price ranging from 55 to 169 dollars they all have plenty of spacious pockets and all the components of the backpack are waterproof exploding poncho the products you see on the screen is a collaboration between Nike and the American sculptor Tom sacks the product is part of the fourth joint collection which was launched as part of the Nike craft project the parachutes were the inspiration for the poncho design the designer looked at its compact construction and discovered how to use this mechanism for the benefits of ordinary people the end result was an exploding poncho that fits in a fanny pack the material used is high-strength Dyneema fabric iguana I jungle when the Portuguese company iguana was working on their new shoes they thought about how much modern man is surrounded by borders and limits literally we’re constantly surrounded by walls and divisions and most of the time we’re dressed in clothes and shoes the parts of our body that suffers the worst are our feet which tire and sweats locked up inside the tight shoes no wonder we all like to wear flip-flops when possible jungle is the next generation of flip-flops of the future they allow the feet to breathe but at the same time protects them optimally they’re only fastened in two places around the heel and on the big toe

However jungle attaches firmly to the foot and does not slip away surprisingly this pair of shoes is suitable for all occasions you can run play different sports walk on asphalt dirt sand or stones jungle offers a high level of comfort and safety everywhere the manufacturer offers two models light and blocks they cost sixty and eighty five dollars respectively the difference lies in the material of which the ships are made thread Smith’s clothes it’s time to talk about clothes that everyone can benefit from Australian company thread Smith’s offers shirts and t-shirts with a unique feature they repel water and any other liquid these clothes will definitely help to avoid sauce or drink stains in addition the fabric from which all clothes are made does not absorb odors the most difficult task was to make the clothing waterproof while keeping the fabric soft and breathable however the thread Smith’s team did their job perfectly today the company offers a large number of models the price ranges from 50 to $400 posh goulash over boots bad weather often stands in the way of our plans this is true for all aspects of life however right now we’re talking about cases when rain snow and hail prevents us from wearing our most beautiful shoes porsche kailash / boots were created primarily for women who have to leave their favorite heels at home however we’re sure that this invention will protect any shoe regardless of who has it simply put posh is a shoe cover for walking the streets on the outside it’s made of a durable water resistant synthetic material on the inside they have a soft nylon lining and are pleasant to the touch the insoles are absolutely flat so they’re comfortable to wear over any shoe whether it’s a high-heeled shoe or a sneaker the heel area has an additional protective insert to prevent the heel from puncturing the fabric the top of the product is very wide so that you can put it on even if a bulky shoes posh is fastened to the leg with elastic straps when folded the over boots take up almost no space and can be stored in the carry bag the price of the product is a hundred and twenty dollars

Aros the next piece of clothing we have on our list will be especially useful for people who spend a lot of time on the road eros is a special hoody with an air pillow inside that is it’s a hoodie for sleeping when you put the hood on your head and inflate the pillow you get optimal support for your head and neck the hoodie makes it easier to sleep on public transport in the car and even on the floor if, for example, you’re on a picnic when the pillow deflates the hoodie just becomes stylish garment eros can be bought for $70 polar seal clothes if you live in a country with cold weather what will st. next won’t be news to you sometimes even a heating system doesn’t prevent you from feeling cold fortunately the Chinese company policy or has found a way out of this situation the brand offers clothes that will allow you to forget about the feeling of cold forever it is clothing with a built-in heating system the company offers a wide variety of clothing from C shirts and tops to Jackets vests of parkas the price, of course, varies greatly for a t-shirt you’ll have to pay about one hundred and fifty dollars a jacket will cost about six hundred and sixty dollars it’s not cheap but it seems to us that keeping warm and comfortable when it’s freezing here is worthless clothes support three heating modes 14 45 and 50 degrees Celsius the fabric is made up of five layers the heating layer is in the middle so the clothes won’t burn your skin the heating process starts with a push of a button and the heat can be felt after 10 seconds hey stop being lazy it’s time to use that brain of yours welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you’ll find all this and much more hair subscribe now you won’t regret it

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