Get Free US Number For WhatsApp : Free Number For Whatsapp Verification

Get Free US Number For WhatsApp : Free Number For Whatsapp Verification

WhatsApp: was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton & Jan Koum, former employees of Yahoo!. Following leaving Yahoo! during September 2007, they took some time off in South America. At one point, they applied for jobs at Facebook but were rejected.

January 2009, next purchasing an iPhone & recognizing the potential of the app industry at that App Store, Koum & Acton started visiting Koum’s friend Alex Fishman in West San Jose to consider a different type of messaging app that would “[show] statuses next to individual names of the people”. They realized that to take the idea further, they’d need an iPhone developer. Fishman visited, found Russian developer Igor Solomennikov, and introduced him to Koum.

Koum named the app WhatsApp to sound like “what’s up”. On February 24, 2009, he incorporated WhatsApp Inc. in California. However, when early versions of WhatsApp kept crashing, Koum considered giving up and looking for a new job. Acton encouraged him to wait for a “few more months”.

In April 2011, Sequoia Capital invested about $8 million for more than 15% of the company, after months of negotiation with Sequoia partner Jim Goetz.

By February 2013, WhatsApp had about 200 million active users and 50 staff members. Sequoia invested another $50 million, and WhatsApp was valued at $1.5 billion.

In a December 2013 blog post, WhatsApp claimed that 400 million active users used the service each month.


Get Free US Number For WhatsApp


Get Free US Number



Create Whatsapp Account With U.S +1 Number, is this possible? I think this one is your question. So, let me answer YES it is possible and it sounds interesting that this is a very easy task. Anyone can do this easily. Nowadays, many people want to use Whatsapp account with U.S country number. So, in this tutorial, I will show you how to create a Whatsapp account with the USA number. If you are also one from those peoples, this guide will teach you everything you have to learn to make Whatsapp with US number that starts from +1.

Some people think, is it possible to use their Social account with any other country’s number. And the answer is: Yes!! It’s not a hard task for anyone. You can simply make an account on any app or website with another country number like I am going to show you how to create a fake Whatsapp account with the USA spoofed number. If you are Whatsapp addicted then you will also like to check the best Whatsapp Group Names.


So do you want to learn how to get a free US number for Whatsapp verification? Here, I am writing a full step by step tutorial to by which you can create a Fake Whatsapp account with a spoofed number on Android mobile. By this method, you will get your own USA number and no need to use any public mobile number for your Whatsapp. You can receive text messages on that number from anyone and from any country.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular social networking apps for Android and iOS users. Recently Whatsapp launched Windows version too, so now you can also chat with your friends and family members by using your PC. It also offers a web version for its users so you can also use it without Install any app or software on your PC by visiting Whatsapp Web. Youngsters will also like to send Whatsapp Dares to their friends to get interesting answers from them.

Many Android users want to use Fake numbers on their accounts like USA numbers to prank their friends by sending messages to them with USA country code numbers. So it isn’t cool to use Whatsapp with USA number? Yeah! Of course, its a cool idea to create Whatsapp with USA country number. You will get any country number on Google but that is used by Public.. means with the same number, already there are so many accounts created. So that you can’t able to enjoy freely with those numbers. So what if you will get your own private US number? Sup! it sounds interesting.

Get Benefits To Free Number For WhatsApp With USA

  • More privacy.
  • International number.
  • Keep your phone number secure.
  • Hiding your original number is to get a secure account.
  • Unlimited international calling trick is free.
  • Shock your family members and friends by sending the message with the US number.
  • WhatsApp can use with the temporary spoof number.

Features of WhatsApp U.S. number trick:

  • No hidden cost (totally free).
  • Record the WhatsApp call.
  • Working with Android smartphones without any issues.
  • Create an account with an international number that is +1 series.


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Free Number For Whatsapp Verification

To Make your WhatsApp account with US Number legally and working is very simple as a one-click method you can say. but be genuine, let us think if you need to make your WhatsApp account with US Number with country code (+1) you should have to be the residence of another country first.

Is It Helpful or Not?

  • This Latest WhatsApp Trick Provides you more privacy.
  • It makes your identity personal even no one can trace you.
  • The more interesting thing you have a USA No. (International Number).

Free Method For Number Verification

Method #1: Free Number For WhatsApp Verification With TextNow

Now I am going to tell you a full step by step procedure to get a free virtual mobile number from TextPlus It’s a straightforward method all you need only to follow my steps. Let’s get started.

Get Free US Number For WhatsApp Steps:

 Click Here TextNow for IOS

 Click Here TextNow For Android

  1. First of all, you need to Install TextPlus App in your mobile, you can use the below link to directly visit on the page.
  2.  After installing the app in your phone open it and click on SIGN UP Option and then Fill Your username and password and tick the “I agree” button and click on SIGN UP.
  3. Now click on the ADD EMAIL ADDRESS button and enter your email address then click on continue, Now fill the verification code that was sent on your email.
  4. Now Click on Select your state and Choose Wisconsin then click on Select your area code and select 608 then click on GET A CUSTOM NUMBER Button.

Congrats! Now you have got the USA number for WhatsApp free.

Create Free US Number For WhatsApp Verification

Now you have a USA number for Whatsapp But do you know how to use it for creating a WhatsApp account? Maybe you not so let me tell you, follow my steps.

Step 1: First of All Install WhatsApp application in you Mobile then open it and click on Agree and Continue then Select area Code +1 and enter the USA number that you get from TextPlus app and Now Click on Next.

whatsapp number usa


Step 2: When you click on Next you will get a pop up there you need to click on the Ok option, Now you will get a message on the TextPlus app that contains verification code enter that in WhatsApp.

Hurray! Now you have successfully created a WhatsApp Account with fake USA Number. Enjoy.

Change Old Whatsapp Number With US Number

Do you already have a WhatsApp account with the personal number? Do you want to change your number with USA number? If Yes Than Fll0w Steps ;

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp App then Click on Menu Icon. Now click on setting option Then click on Account option.

Step 2: Now you can see change number option click that then clicks on the Next button. Now Enter your old Mobile Number in the first box and Enter New USA Number in the 2nd box then click on the Next button.

free verification us number

Step 3: Now click on Done Button. Then click on Continue, Now click on Call Me option then you will get a call from WhatsApp Pick Up the Call and enter OTP on WhatsApp that was told in the call.

Done! Now You have successfully changed your Normal Mobile number with USA WhatsApp Number.

Method #2: Free Number For WhatsApp Verification With 2ndLine

Well, This is the 2nd method at the moment that anyone can use to create their private or Anonymous WhatsApp account by using the United States, United Kingdom or Canada Phone numbers. You can simply bypass the WhatsApp Verification process by using this simple app.

Now I am going to tell you a full step by step procedure to get a free virtual mobile number from 2ndLine – US Phone Number It’s a straightforward method all you need only to follow my steps. Let’s get started.

Get Free US Number For WhatsApp Steps:

Step 1: First of all you need to Install the 2ndLine – US Phone Number App on your mobile, you can use the below link to directly visit on the page.

Step 2: After installing this app, Create an Account using Signup Option using email id and password (Follow the Screenshots)

us whatsapp number


Step 3: After successful signup, you will be redirected to the next page where the app will ask you to enter the country code. We recommend you to enter (201). If you have any particular Area code you can give that here otherwise just select No Specific code and hit next.

free us number


Step 4: Choose any of the desired numbers from the list and copy the number and paste it on your WhatsApp.

Step 5: It’s time to create a new WhatsApp account from your US or Canada number. Open your WhatsApp and use the mobile number you noted and click on the verify button.

us free whatsapp number


Step 6: If the WhatsApp sends OTP then you can see it on 2ndLine App. But in some cases, the OTP couldn’t get right into the app. So to verify this you need to be patient and wait for some time until the Call Me option gets enabled. Once you see the call me button just click that to hear your OTP.

NOTE: These are disposable numbers so don’t quote us on the issues of Account Banning. Proper use of VPN and use these tricks for entertainment purposes only.

Method #3: Free Number For WhatsApp Verification With GROOVE IP

This method uses a third party application named “GROOVE IP” which helps us to create a virtual US-based mobile number for free. You can make calls and send SMS too using this application. But those features need some money from your pocket. Let us discuss what we need to use Whatsapp from the US / UK.

Get Free US Number For WhatsApp Steps:

First of all, you need to Install GrooVe IP VoIP Calls & Text App in your mobile, you can use the below link to directly visit on the page.

GrooVe IP VoIP Calls & Text For Android

This application is available in your App store you won’t have security-related questions Right? With our long-time usage, we felt this application won’t ask you any irrelevant permissions.

• Following installing the GROOVE IP application on your mobile, you need to sign up with your E-mail address.

• Instantly fill up your details and complete your registration.

us whatsapp free verificatio

• Now you have been prompted to specify an Area code. If you have any particular Area code you can give that here otherwise just select No Specific code and hit next. Now you can select a mobile number from the list of numbers. Select any of the numbers.

free number whatsapp


• Note that number. It’s time to create a new WhatsApp account from your US number. Open your WhatsApp and use the mobile number you noted and click on the verify button.

• Now be patient and wait for some time until the Call Me option gets enabled. Once you see the call me button just click that to hear your OTP.

• Whatsapp bot will call now within seconds to your GROOVE IP number which tells you the verification code. Now you are done with the process of creating Whatsapp account using US number.

Change old number with U.S. number on WhatsApp:

The above-mentioned method is to create an account with a U.S. number, but you do not want to create a new account. You want to change an old number WhatsApp account with U.S. number. Some people do not want to lose their groups so they cannot create a new account, but you can change your old mobile number with the new one so that your groups will be safer. Let us follow some basic steps to change your mobile number:

  • First, open the WhatsApp application and go to the settings.
  • Click on the Account option and then you can see a change number option on the screen. Simply, click on the change number option.
  • Enter your old mobile number and new mobile number in the given box. Then click on the done key at the top of the right corner.
  • It will send a verification message on the given new number and get it from the Voxox app and then enter in the WhatsApp.
  • After completing all the above-mentioned processes, your old number will get successfully changed into a new U.S. number.

Nowadays, people are a genius to find working steps to solve many problems. Above mentioned freelance tips are the unique and latest method on the internet. With the help of this method, you can easily use WhatsApp number with USA number and also help to protect the identity. Let us completely wish to create an account with the USA number 100 percent working process. The freelance web developer is to give two methods and you can try any one method. Now simply open the WhatsApp account with USA number and chat with your family members and friends with privacy. See above latest methods are to create fake accounts with the spoofed number. To share this new method in which will help the US number to create your WhatsApp account.


Paid Method For Number Verification

USA Number for WhatsApp Verification Using Numero eSIM

Numero eSIM is a VoIP application available on both Google Play Store and Apple App store which provides a virtual phone number. Using the Virtual phone number, you can make internet calling and send & receive SMS based on the plan. There are many other advantages of using a virtual phone number. Since Numero eSIM supports numbers from more than 40 countries, you can easily handle mobile numbers from these countries.

Cheap price rates are another attraction of Numero eSIM. You can make international calls and SMS, even more, cheaper than your service provider. Also, it is pretty easy to make recharges. You can add funds worth €5 up to €50. Let me come to the topic. Just follow the instructions below to get the American number for your Whatsapp using Numero eSIM.

Step 1:-Install Numero eSIM from Play Store or Apple Store.

Step 2:- Open the app and you have to register for an account. Provide your mobile number and verify it using Whatsapp or SMS.

Step 3:- Once you successfully register and login to your Numero account, you will see the option to activate a trial number. Alternatively, there is an option to purchase eSIM based on your interest. Just go for the USA Offers or Social Media Numbers to register in WhatsApp.


Following is the USA number that I obtained through the Numero eSIM application.


Step 4:-  American premium numbers are available for a discount price starting from €2.5. Just select your favorite number and activate it.


NB: Those who want to activate the USA number totally for free, there is a free coin center inside the application. You can easily collect coins by Watching videos, Daily check-in, Share about Numero on Facebook, by inviting friends, by spinning lucky wheel and by installing promotional apps.

Step 5:- Once you obtain a USA number, open Whatsapp and enter the US number for registration.


Step 6:- Click on the Next button to continue. Now you will be asked to verify the number. You can choose SMS verification or call verification.


Step 7:- Finish the WhatsApp registration procedures and finally, you will be able to open a Whatsapp with a US number.


There are many other advantages of using the Numero eSIM application. Along with USA numbers, you can purchase numbers from the UK, Canada, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Romania, and many other countries.  Using these numbers, you can be anonymous by hiding your real number and improve your privacy with the Private Number feature. Also, you can cut down the roaming charges and make cheap international calls all over the world.

There is another big advantage of using the Numero eSIM application. That is, you can create a second space known as Numero Space (for Android 8.0+ only) for any applications installed on your mobile. By using this feature, you can clone any apps and use multiple instances at the same time. Means, if you want to use multiple Whatsapp account with a different mobile number on the same mobile, it is possible by cloning the Whatsapp App using Numero Space. You can also use the feature’s password lock for extra privacy. Not only WhatsApp but also, you can clone any apps like Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, etc. Try it, it’s 100% free with no ads.

free number verificatin for whatsapp

Get Free US Number For WhatsApp (Old Method)

Above I described Get Free US Number For WhatsApp all about the Voxox app, so I think now I don’t need to explain more about the app. Now you have to follow these simple steps to use Whatsapp with USA number using the Voxox app trick. I hope, you already looked up at the basic requirements that are necessary for this tutorial. So, let us come to our tutorial.

Get Free US Number For WhatsApp Stapes:

1. First of all, you have to need the “Voxox App” on your Android phone.

2. “Install” and “Open” app on your Android mobile.

3. Now, Sign up a new account on Voxox by entering your “Phone Number, Email Address, Username & Password”.

4. Once you entered all correct details, click on the “Sign Up” button and it will verify your mobile number by sending OTP.

5. Now, enter “Username” and “Password” and click on the Login button.

6. Now the Dashboard will appear on the screen, you will see the “More” option on the top right.

7. It will show you the USA number in the top as “Voxox number”, that is your USA number. Copy that USA number on the clipboard.

8. Now open your Whatsapp app and create a new account with that number you copied from the Voxox app.

free us otp


Note: Don’t forget to select a country like the USA (+1).

9. It will send you Code on that USA number, you will receive that as an OTP message on the Voxox app.

10. Copy that one time password and paste it on your Whatsapp.

11. Verify your Whatsapp account and that’s it.

Get Free US Number For WhatsApp: Your new Whatsapp account with USA number is ready to Create a Whatsapp account with USA country number by following this tutorial and enjoy!! Now you can send messages to anyone on Whatsapp with this account and the message will be sent from your USA number.


If you want a WhatsApp account, a mobile number is a must. Anyway, you can choose whether the number to be an original or a fake one. For many reasons, people prefer fake numbers. Especially for online marketing and for spam purposes. So if you want such fake numbers, especially American numbers, you can make use of the above free services. Both 2ndline and textPlus apps provide you free US number to finish Whatsapp verification.

One more thing you should keep in mind that, Whatsapp accounts created by these fake numbers don’t have any guarantee. If WhatsApp feels any suspicious activity from the account, they will go for further verification which leads to a permanent ban for the account. So make sure you are not using these accounts for any sensitive data transfer or as a personal account.

I hope you like this article. If you feel this article How to create USA/UK WhatsApp number in 2019 is somewhat helpful, share this article with your friends and family who is looking for this kind of WhatsApp tricks.

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